DIVERSEcity’s Community Campus

DIVERSEcity’s Community Campus

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For years, Surrey has welcomed the lion’s share of the Lower Mainland’s new immigrants and refugees. According to the 2011 National Household Survey, 40.5% of Surrey’s population are immigrants and our City’s immigrant population has grown by an astonishing 25% since 2006. The Newton community is home to more of these immigrants than any other area of Surrey, with 15.5% of residents in the area without Canadian citizenship.

DIVERSEcity is building a new Community Campus in the heart of Surrey where new Canadians will launch their new life in Canada. The first of its kind, the campus will bring together urgently needed trades training, business entrepreneur, and work experience opportunities with social enterprise, language training, social support, counselling, health services, and education.

At the Community Campus for DIVERSEcity, newcomers will be empowered to become strong, contributing members of our community.


Opening in 2015, the new 20,000 sq. ft. Community Campus for DIVERSEcity will be located in Surrey on 76th Avenue and 134th Street, just a short walk from King George Boulevard. A new trade school will be the flagship of the project, providing a high demand trades training and apprenticeship program. We are working with the Province of BC, the Industry Trades Authority, and our educational institution partners to determine the most urgently needed trade opportunity for this new facility.

More than 11,000 clients will walk through DIVERSEcity’s doors each year, for over 200,000 visits. In this bustling new campus, they will also find:

  • Mobile technology labs for job search, training & education
  • Food Security Centre with Community Kitchen, Roof Top Garden & Event Facility
  • English Language Learning Centre with Childminding Services
  • Professional Interpretation & Translation Services
  • Classrooms for settlement, literacy & future leaders programs
  • Social enterprise manufacturing & retail program
  • Employment Programs and services
  • First Language Settlement and Counselling Services

The Community Campus for DIVERSEcity will provide New Canadians with a comprehensive service all under one roof.


We are a country built by industrious, courageous individuals who saw opportunities in Canada for a better life for themselves and their families. Our communities are settled by immigrants and their descendants who have thrived. Some did it on their own but most had the support of friends, family, and the community around them. From their experience, we have learned:

  • When it comes to determining the degree of success a newcomer will enjoy, nothing trumps language. The ability to communicate effectively in English is essential to understanding Canadian culture, getting to know your neighbours, and becoming an active and engaged citizen—not to mention how important it is when looking for a job in Canada.
  • Skilled immigrants are often over-represented in low-paying, low-skill occupations and are prevented from reaching their full potential because of language or cultural barriers. Many skilled immigrants already have technical skills from their home countries, but need Canadian certification. Costs are a big barrier for immigrants looking for skills training.
  • Many immigrants come from difficult circumstances in their home country. Immigration to Canada is accompanied by incredible change, challenge, and loss.

That’s where DIVERSEcity comes in.

For 35 years we have assisted thousands of new Canadians to become vital contributors to our community. We are the all-inclusive community hub for Surrey, Delta and Langley where children, youth, adults, and seniors find skills training, language and support services to become contributing members of our community quickly, effectively and successfully.


DIVERSEcity owns the one acre property and construction has begun on this $8.3 million project. Financing of $5.8 million is provided by Vancity and DIVERSEcity has invested $500,000 of its own capital into the project.

The balance of $2 million will be raised from governments, individual donors in the community, generous foundations, and corporate partners who believe in supporting new Canadians by ensuring they have the skills needed to thrive in our country and become proud Canadian citizens.

Investing in the Community Campus for DIVERSEcity is a significant opportunity to honour loved ones, be recognized in our community, and build bright futures for New Canadians. Naming opportunities are offered to honour the generous support of those that contribute in a significant way to the project:

Commercial Trades Training Centre

Main Lobby and Reception Centre

Language Training Centre
Food Security and Event Centre
Community Outreach & Settlement Services Centre

$25,000 to $75,000
Mobile Technology Labs
Retail Outlet and Social Enterprise
Upper Reception Centre
Child Minding Centre
Counselling Centre
Classrooms and Meeting Rooms

DIVERSEcity has assisted tens of thousands of new Canadians to become vital contributors to our community. Why not join us as we build the new Community Campus for DIVERSEcity.

Neelam Sahota
Chief Executive Officer
T: 604-547-1240
E: ceo@dcrs.ca

Shara Nixon
T: 604-807-7210
E: vp@dcrs.ca