Settlement and Community Programs

Settlement and Community Programs

Settlement and Community Programs consists of the following programs and activities:

  • Settlement & Integration Programs
  • Volunteer Program
  • Food Security Program (Community Kitchen and Community Garden)
  • Better at Home Program
  • Pre-Arrival Services
  • Annual Income Tax Program
  • Canadian Citizenship and Civic Engagement Course
  • Welcome to BC Monthly Tours Program

The goals of Settlement and Community Programs are:

  1. To assist new immigrants and refugees with their successful settlement and integration into the wider Canadian and British Columbian culture and community;
  2. To facilitate opportunities that build both individual and community capacities which support newcomers in their quest to become productive and fully contributing Canadian citizens; and
  3. To provide supportive programming to low income families and seniors from the wider community.

Program staff and management actively engage in ongoing consultation and partnerships with local, regional, provincial and national initiatives and organizations to provide leadership in the ongoing identification of community needs and the development of innovative and community-based responses to meet the identified service gaps.

For more information about Settlement and Community Programs, please contact :

Fiona Stevenson
Manager of Volunteer and Community Programs
Phone: 604-547-1219

Mary Roman
Assistant Manager of Settlement and Community Programs
Phone: 604-547-1275