Moving Ahead Program

Moving Ahead Program

The vulnerable Immigrant Population Program (VIPP) Moving Ahead program provides individualized support to vulnerable immigrant and refugee newcomers (youth and adults) through an integrated, holistic and client-centred model. Eligible clients must meet CIC’s criteria and demonstrate a combination of barriers that affect ability to settle and integrate in their new communities in Canada. DIVERSEcity as lead, partners with Options, PCRS and LCSS to deliver the Moving Ahead program throughout Surrey, North Delta and Langley.

DIVERSEcity is a member of the VIPP Alliance, a community table representing the various Moving Ahead programs throughout the Lower Mainland and Victoria.

Settlement Enhancement Counsellors provide eligible clients with the following specific One-on-One or Family Services through a wrap-around case management system:

  • In-home Assessment of client/family needs, assets and capacities
  • Settlement Information and Counselling
  • Practical Assistance and Supported Access to Services
  • Visitation and Home Outreach
  • Peer Support and Mentoring (where appropriate)
  • Program Exit and Transition Support
  • Follow up and Monitoring

In addition, the following Group Services are provided to Moving Ahead program clients to support their emotional, social, literacy, life skills and essential skills development:

Living Well Support Groups: Assists clients to better understand their changing reality, changing roles, stress management and communication styles. The group is 4 sessions in length, once per week and are offered in culturally and linguistically specific groups.

Peer Support Groups: Provides clients (sometimes from the same ethno-cultural or language group) the opportunity to participate in group activities and to foster group support from peers. The goal is to assist clients in building social support networks through their active participation. There is a variety of Peer Support Groups offered: Community Kitchens, Parenting, Young Adults Support Group, Language Specific support groups and others.

Life Skills Workshops: Addresses specific skill and information needs of clients. Examples of the topics include: credit card debt, securing documents, tenancy and landlords rights and responsibilities, pedestrian and bicycle safety, dental care for families, Canada’s employment culture, citizenship, etc.

Workshop Series: Introduces one learning theme area allowing for the development of skills and outcomes as well as providing the time to develop self-assessment skills, confidence and self-efficacy. Examples of workshop series offered focus on Parenting, Nutrition, Stress Reduction and Mental and Physical Well-being.

Literacy and Essential Skills Program: Facilitates stronger life, literacy and essential skills in a manner that promotes skill acquisition, self-assessment, self-motivation, self-determination, confidence and self-efficacy. Activities are outcome/demonstration based with individualized portfolio development. For detailed descriptions of the three Literacy and Essential Skills Courses offered, please refer to the Language Programs Department.

Volunteer Opportunities:
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Volunteer Literacy & Essential Skills Classroom Assistant
• Volunteer Program Assistant (Somali, Arabic, Swahili, Karen, Farsi)
• Volunteer One-on-One mentorship
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BC VIPP Alliance Newsletter Volume1(October 2014)
BC VIPP Alliance Newsletter Volume2(June 2015)

For more information about the VIPP: Moving Ahead program please contact: Laura Mannix, Manager of VIPP at 604-954-4009 or Meheret Bisrat, Moving Ahead Program and Volunteer Coordinator at 604-954-4015 or via email at

Program referrals can also be sent to

For referral to the Moving Ahead program, please see the attached Referral Form.