Refugee and Immigrant Specialized Experience Program (RISE)

Refugee and Immigrant Specialized Experience Program (RISE)

Formally known as the Moving Ahead Program, the RISE Program maintains its collaborative, case-managed service model for the delivery of comprehensive, holistic and client-centred programming. The program utilizes outreach, in-home consultation and support as a foundation for service delivery and offers innovative workshops to assist the most vulnerable adult and youth refugees and immigrants in Surrey, Delta and Langley.

As a member of the former BC VIPP Alliance, DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society’s RISE Program is committed to ensuring a better future for B.C.’s vulnerable newcomers.

RISE provides eligible refugee and immigrant clients with the following wrap around services:

  • intake and assessment;
  • case management of individual client files;
  • social and emotional support;
  • settlement information and counselling;
  • life skills, literacy and essential skills development;
  • practical assistance; and supported access to services.

In addition, the following Group Services are provided to RISE program clients to support their emotional, social, literacy, life skills and essential skills development:

Healthy Self, Healthy Families Workshops : The Healthy Self, Healthy Families Workshop series offers vulnerable refugee and immigrant clients who experience multiple barriers to settlement information and education on how to maintain healthy lifestyles and relationships. As many vulnerable clients experience many complexities including trauma, pre-migration and throughout the resettlement experience, this workshop series will provide the tools to clients and their families to navigate those complexities and assist with changing family dynamics, addictive and behavioral issues, parenting in a Canadian context, sexual health and mental wellbeing.

Peer Support Groups: Provides clients the opportunity to participate in group activities and to foster group support from peers. The goal is to assist clients in building social support networks through their active participation. There is a variety of Peer Support Groups offered: Community Kitchens, Community Connection Field Trips, Young Adults Support Group, Language Specific support groups and others.

Life Skills Workshops: Addresses specific skill and information needs of clients. Examples of the topics include: credit card debt, securing documents, tenancy and landlords rights and responsibilities, pedestrian and bicycle safety, dental care for families, Canada’s employment culture, citizenship, etc.

Eligibility includes youth (16-24 years old) and adult (24 + years) refugees and immigrants who:

  • meet IRCC’s eligibility requirements
  • are experiencing multiple and complex barriers to settlement and integration
  • want to gain knowledge, skills and confidence in navigating Canadian systems and connecting with communities

RISE provides services in the following languages:
S’gaw and P’wo (Karen languages), Burmese, Nuer and Nuba, Somali, Arabic, Swahili, Farsi, Dari and Pashto.

To make a referral, please see the attached RISE Referral Form and send to

For more information about the RISE Program please contact: Laura Mannix, Manager of Refugee and Specialized Programs at 604-954-4009 or at

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