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Andrea Canales

Andrea Canales

Director, Community Development

Andrea Canales has over 15 years of progressive leadership experience in the non-profit field, having successfully spearheaded key local and national projects within diverse areas of expertise. As a consummate practitioner, Andrea prides herself in her ability to deliver on projects from a grounded, intentional and collaborative manner, focusing on the long-term impact and overall well-being of the communities she engages.

Her lived experience as a multiracial, immigrant woman and mother of two, has informed and guided her practice framework steered by the principles of accountability, transparency, integrity, truth, collaboration and ongoing learning. Andrea is passionate about tackling complex issues with systems thinking to discover mutually benefiting solutions to all stakeholders toward achieving sustainable approaches. A proven strategic thinker, Andrea brings a focused and innovative approach to her work with a dedicated emphasis in building a fair and just community where individuals can reach their full potential and be active agents of change

Andrea holds a bachelor and master of social work from the University of Victoria, is bilingual in Spanish and English and identifies as she/her.


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