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Amanee Elchehimi

Amanee Elchehimi

Director, Innovation & Sustainability

Amanee Elchehimi has worked in the social services field for nearly a decade, bringing with her a myriad of personal and professional experiences to her role as Director, Health Promotion at DIVERSEcity. Amanee received her master’s of public health from SFU, leading her to begin her career working with immigrants and refugees. Amanee is a certified mental health first aid instructor and has also completed a master’s of arts in counselling psychology.

As an active member of the Muslim community, Amanee grounds her principles and work in her identity as a Muslim woman. Prior to her role at DIVERSEcity, Amanee has worked in the Downtown Eastside and Surrey as the manager of the Pathways to Education program and supported several education programs at PCRS. She has also served as a member and chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s advisory councils, supporting mental health policy and practice across Canada.

Amanee strongly believes that equity and justice are critical for meaningful, systemic change. She is driven by her values and principles and is committed to supporting the wellbeing of children, youth and families in the community.


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