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Erin Harvie

Erin Harvie

Director, Community Building & Family Wellbeing

Erin Harvie has 20+ years of experience working in community focused programming in Surrey. With an extensive background in child welfare, anti-exploitation and youth criminal justice, Erin’s work is routed in person-centred practice that promotes collaboration, integration and community development. Erin holds a bachelor’s of arts in human and social development from the University of Victoria with a focus on child and youth care.

Prior to her role at DIVERSEcity, Erin was the Manager of Surrey Youth Services for PCRS for seven years.  Erin values collaborative leadership that supports best practice within a cultural context and she has built strong connections with local Indigenous stakeholders in the community. Erin has been an active member of the Surrey Anti-Gang Family Empowerment (SAFE) program Executive Leadership table, led by the City of Surrey, and holds strong principles related to disrupting the pathways to youth gang entrenchment. She has been the lead on the creation of several anti-gang and anti-exploitation initiatives for youth in Surrey.

Erin believes that supporting and empowering leadership within an organization helps to create an inspiring and innovative energy that delivers service excellence. Erin is routed in her values and connections to the community of Surrey and is committed to delivering services that enhance the health and wellbeing of everyone through relationship-based supports.