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Gavrielle (Gavy) Tran

Gavrielle (Gavy) Tran

Chief Financial Officer

Gavrielle Tran has a combination of for-profit and non-profit experience over the past 20 years and holds a professional accountant designation (CPA, CMA) as well as a bachelor of commerce from Thompson Rivers University and a master of business administration from Athabasca University.

Gavrielle’s previous roles, including as Director, Finance at DIVERSEcity since 2021, have honed her experience in providing strategic input to the CEO and executive levels, overseeing finance, risk and compliance.

As the Chief Financial Officer at DIVERSEcity, Gavrielle takes on the role as a value-creating team member with a focus to optimizing efficiencies in finance and accounting functions to support the overall organizational strategic plan. She is  responsible for the shared services departments at DIVERSEcity and works with the CEO and Senior Management Team at DIVERSEcity to implement the strategic vision and values of the organization. She is also responsible for planning, implementing, managing and overseeing all of DIVERSEcity’s Finance, Innovation and Sustainability teams.

With a good understanding of the local, provincial and federal government-funding models, her record of leading team initiatives is strong and sustained. She has an unwavering passion for and belief in the value of interdepartmental collaboration for the successful execution of strategy and achieve desired organizational results.

A true believer in lifelong learning, Gavrielle has been a CPABC Ambassador and a mentor for business students at Trinity Western University.