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LGBTQ+ Newcomer Support Services

LGBTQ+ Newcomer Support Services

Are you an LGBTQ+ newcomer? DIVERSEcity is here for you with one-to-one support

The experiences that an LGBTQ+ newcomer faces are not the same as other newcomers. Settling into a new country can be challenging as they deal with discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, in addition to their cultural origins.

They may also face stigma from within their own cultural community or even have trouble fitting in with the existing LGBTQ+ communities in Canada due to language or other barriers.

Does this sound like you? DIVERSEcity is here to help guide your settlement journey with one-to-one settlement support for LGBTQ+ newcomers.

  • Get personalized support as an LGBTQ+ newcomer
  • Get help navigating the complex process of settling into your new community
  • Learn about available resources and services in the Lower Mainland, including our Together Now LGBTQ+ Peer Support Group


For LGBTQ+ permanent residents, protected refugees or sponsored immigrants.

For more information

For more information, please contact togethernow@dcrs.ca or call 604-547-2004.