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Express Grant for Foreign Credential Recognition for Women

Express Grant for Foreign Credential Recognition for Women

Need to pay for costly exams or licensing fees to get your foreign credentials recognized? Our new Express Grant will get your career in Canada on the fast track!

Getting your educational and professional qualifications from your home country recognized in Canada can be a complex and costly process. With this new grant for women newcomers from Coast Capital Savings, you can accelerate the process.

Access grant money (up to $1,000) to:

  • Get your education credentials from your home country evaluated
  • Register for a skill proficiency exam
  • Pay licensing fees to practise in your field
  • Register for a preparatory or a challenge exam

Eligibility requirements

  • Women newcomers (less than five years in Canada)
  • Must be 30 years or older
  • Must be residents of BC who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons

Learn more by calling 604-547-2753 or email tbalachandran@dcrs.ca.


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