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Youth Expressions!

Express yourself in this new arts and culture-focused program for youth (aged 13–24)

Confidence. Connection. Creativity.

As a newcomer youth, you face unique challenges as you settle into Canada, from language barriers to lack of community connections. In this time of COVID-19, these obstacles are amplified, adding stress and isolation.

Youth Expressions! will empower you to join community programs, build your confidence, improve your coping strategies and mental health, and make new friends — even if just virtually for now.

This one-of-a-kind program is delivered with a cultural, artistic approach, allowing you to express your voice, culture and feelings in creative ways.

Workshops and activities will focus on expressive art therapy, dance, yoga, healthy communication, physical literacy, social emotional learning, leadership capacity, mindfulness and dialectical behavioural therapy.

Why is cultural expression important? According to an article from the Institute for Arts Integration and Steam, “students who are given the opportunity to create art will create something that in some way reflects their own culture. If students see their culture reflected in the environment, and are given the space to express themselves through their art making, that will help to create that safe environment.”

Check out our Events Calendar for all upcoming Youth Expressions! workshops and activities, or call 604-547-1317 or email youth@dcrs.ca.