Our Strategic Platform

Our Strategic Platform 2024–2029

For People. For Communities.

DIVERSEcity, its staff, volunteers, management and Board are committed to the Vision, Mission and Values articulated in our Strategic Plan 2024–2029. These statements serve as our compass, shaping our daily endeavours and propelling us toward the realization of our goals. They are not just words on a page; they are the foundation of our actions, providing guidance to every initiative, decision and interaction we take as we advance change for an equitable and sustainable world. For people. For communities.

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Our  Vision

Our vision is our North Star — a guiding light that illuminates our path — leading us to build a society that cares for both people and the planet, which is inclusive, equitable, and has the ability to renew and revitalize itself.

Our Mission

Our mission guides our daily endeavours, moving us toward communities and a world that is unified, strong and healthy.

Our Values

Our values guide our work, shape the culture of our organization and breathe life into our aspirations.

Connection and Purpose
We connect people and ignite purpose, fostering a sense of belonging and value for every individual.

Interdependence and Responsibility
We recognize our interdependence and exercise responsibility for each other, the environment and future generations.

Curiosity and Adaptability
We encourage curiosity in spirit and mind, promoting active listening, continuous learning and adaptability to a changing world.

Collaboration and Equity
We collaborate with diverse partners to create an equitable and just society, acknowledging that meaningful change requires collective action aligned with our vision.

Truth and Reconciliation
We are committed to truth and reconciliation, ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all and fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous partners. We embed Indigenous principles and practices, prioritizing cultural safety and humility in our work.

Global Awareness and Empathy
We know that the world, its people and its events are interconnected, and we work to understand the impacts on our communities and our staff who support them.

Our Strategic Priorities

Through comprehensive consultation, DIVERSEcity has identified five key strategic priorities and corresponding goals. These strategic pillars define our commitment to foster community connection, champion truth and reconciliation, nurture organizational capacity and wellbeing, drive thoughtful growth and expansion, and optimize collective impact and advocacy. Each priority and their accompanying goals provide us a roadmap toward making a lasting difference in the communities we serve and the achievement of our vision.

Across our history, from 1978 to the present day, DIVERSEcity has responded to the changing needs of both the world around us and the people and communities we serve. And now, it’s time for us to evolve again. Here is where we’re going next and how we plan to get there. Our destination: an inclusive, equitable and regenerative society that puts people and the planet first — a North-Star vision guiding DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society.

We are committed to empowering every individual to realize their potential and embrace their unique journey. We also recognize that good governance and stewardship of an organization is important and especially so in these times of constant change and uncertainty. DIVERSEcity’s commitment to truth and reconciliation, justice and equity and to systemic change anchors us and provides us purpose and direction. Our values will guide our collective efforts to make meaningful changes for individuals and communities so that we think about not only the present but also to the future.

From the beginning of the strategic planning process, we have rooted the concepts of reciprocity and care ensuring that every element — Vision, Mission, Values and Priorities — is understood and affirmed by our community members, staff, volunteers and other interested parties. This nearly year-long process has been enlightening, engaging and inspiring. The Board and I truly appreciate the time and effort that all of our constituents and members of the community gave to the development of this plan.

Our vision is a hopeful one. And one that is possible. Over the next five years, this plan will guide our decision-making. Our commitment to you is to continue to adapt and be flexible to achieve the goals that we have set together. We remain committed to ensuring that DIVERSEcity works on your behalf toward an abundant and fair world that we all deserve — and need.

— Neelam Sahota, CEO, and Upkar Singh Tatlay, Board Chair

DIVERSEcity Strategic Plan 2024–2029