About Us

Our Strategic Platform

Our Strategic Platform


In 2018, DIVERSEcity developed a strategic platform composed of a vision, mission and values. Together these define our reason for existing, our vision for the future and the approaches we will take in order to get there. They also provide an ethical framework that helps establish our essential character. The organization is committed to the platform as an essential guide in determining its long-term direction.

Our Mission

The purpose of our organization.

“To inspire belonging in a strong integrated community by empowering newcomers to Canada.”

Our Values

The principles and beliefs that guide us as we seek to accomplish our mission and realize our vision of inspiring hope and fostering inclusive communities through our service to clients.


The continuous meaningful development that arises from moving forward with intention and encouraging growth in others.


Treating others the way we want to be treated.


Endeavouring to know what is right so we can do right.


Having open hearts and open minds.

Our Strategic Objectives

Measurable and results-based targets to be achieved in support of our vision.

People and Culture

Create an organization that fosters a culture of empowerment and resilience.


Find new ways to operate in order to increase efficiency and enhance service delivery.


Create awareness of our mission both internally and in the community.


Focus on meaningful and intentional growth that aligns with our values.