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Partner with Us

Progressive businesses recognize there are economic advantages to developing a sense of social mission and shared value. Doing so leads to skills development, enhances a company’s brand and reputation in the community, and cultivates a corporate culture that builds employee engagement and productivity. Businesses that see themselves as part of a community are necessarily concerned with the overall health and vitality of that community.

At DIVERSEcity we have a long history of social innovation and enterprise, so two things:

Bring us your idea or germ of an idea

We can help you develop it into a partnership program that contributes both internally, within your business or organization, and externally, in the communities you serve and operate within.

Challenge us to help you

You’ve already noticed we serve many needs and love a challenge, but what might not be so obvious is our expertise in understanding corporate needs and building partnerships that help everyone concerned. Together we can make it work.

We want to hear from you.

Neelam Sahota
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 604-547-1240
E-mail: ceo@dcrs.ca

Shara Nixon
E-mail: bod@dcrs.ca