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Settlement Services

Settlement Services for Newcomers & Immigrants


Settlement services for newcomers are the foundation of DIVERSEcity’s mission to “inspire belonging in a strong integrated community by empowering newcomers to Canada.” Our newcomer information support workers provide new immigrants and refugees of all ages with free and multilingual information and support so they can build the life they want in Canada.

How we help newcomers settle into Canada

One-one Support

  • We will start the settlement process with a one-on-one meeting to assess your needs.
  • We then create a customized settlement plan to help you and your family achieve their integration, housing and employment goals
  • We provide information and orientation on topics related to life in Canada, including rights and responsibilities, community resources, government programs, wellbeing and family matters.
  • We can help you learn to fill out government application forms such as citizenship applications and Canada Child Tax Benefit.
  • We will help you navigate local systems such as health care and public school, recreation services, language assessment services, income assistance and more.
  • Provide referrals to programs and services, within DIVERSEcity and in the community, including counselling, employment services, English languages services, children and youth services, and refugee and specialized services.

Group Sessions

  • We offer group orientation sessions and workshops on a variety of themes from financial literacy to employment to parenting to health.
  • We plan fun and informative field trips in the community.
  • Help newcomers connect with your community and make connections.

Walk-ins are welcome at our DIVERSEcity Community Campus and City Centre Campus in Surrey.  Or make an appointment or a referral to access DIVERSEcity Settlement Services by phone 604-507-6060 or email settlement@dcrs.ca.