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Sexual Violence Support Services

Sexual Violence Support Services

Supporting survivors of sexual violence

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We’re here to help. We take a trauma-informed and culturally safe approach to ensure you can access the resources you need to best support your healing journey.

These resources include:

  • Mental health counselling
  • Access to victim services and medical care
  • One-on-one support including creating safety plans and accompaniments (i.e., to hospitals or police interviews)
  • Information, advocacy and referrals to other services

Services available Sunday to Thursday. Free bus tickets are available.

Who’s eligible?

  • Any individual of all ages affected by sexual violence

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Our services are free, compassionate, culturally informed and confidential, and available in several languages. To learn more or register, please call 604-547-1202, email intake@dcrs.ca or fill out our online referral form.

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