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Youth Programs at DIVERSEcity

Are you new to Canada and aged 13–24? Join our community youth programs

Want to find a place where you belong? Want to feel empowered, confident and connected? At DIVERSEcity, we have youth programs designed with your unique lived experience in mind.

Our youth programs provide a place to hang out, make new friends, talk, get advice and support, take leadership programs, enjoy sports and recreation activities, go on field trips, receive homework help, get job and volunteering advice, and just feel more confident in your life in Canada.

Our activities fall under two main programs, DIVERSEyouth and RISE Youth. Find out more:

Email youth@dcrs.ca to learn more or tell us what kind of programs you’d like to see.

Need career support?

DIVERSEcity has youth employment programs to help young jobseekers aged 30 or under get training, paid experience and career advice.