Diverse Entrepreneurs Business Incubator

Diverse Entrepreneurs Business Incubator

Small business information, resources and workshops for immigrants and BIPOC entrepreneurs

If you’re an immigrant or BIPOC emerging entrepreneur, we’ll guide your small business journey! The Diverse Entrepreneurs Business Incubator, presented by Canadian Western Bank (CWB) is an 18+ week self-employment training program, networking and support system, and business incubation platform rolled into one.

We are ready to help you plan, launch and grow your business in the following three phases.

1. Business Plan Writing Circle

In our eight-week Business Plan Writing Circle, you will be able to :

  • Explore business ideas, and define your products or services
  • Identify your target customers, do market research and competitor analysis
  • Learn the basics of a business plan and develop marketing, sales, operational and financial plans, including cash flow projections
  • Learn about business structures and the business registration process
  • Meet other immigrant entrepreneurs
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion after completing the eight sessions

Held on Fridays, 1–4 pm at Surrey Central Library, starting May 26, 2023, there are eight weekly Business Plan Writing Circle themes:

Week 1 Explore your business idea using the Business Model Canvas
Week 2 Define your products or services
Week 3 Define your target customers and what you are offering them
Week 4 Learn about market research, focus groups and competitor analysis
Week 5 Understand the basics of a business plan
Week 6 Start a marketing and sales plan
Week 7 Develop operational and financial plans, including cash flow projections
Week 8 Learn about business structures and the business registration process

2. Business Startup Bootcamp

Once you’re ready to put your business planning into action, you can take part in our 10-week Business Startup Bootcamp.

Held on Fridays, 1–4 pm at Surrey Central Library, starting July 21, 2023,  you will be able to:

  • Present your business pitch Dragons’ Den style to a panel of experts
  • Start creating business operation processes, such as product development, branding, marketing, sales, customer service, production, logistics and accounting procedures
  • Start selling at local marketplaces or online, with our ongoing support

3. One-on-One Self-Employment Support

  • Get personalized, ongoing support from our self-employment specialists. We can help you further explore business ideas, do market research, write a business plan, register your business, understand financial loan options, learn about marketing, sales and operational plans, and much more.
  • Receive ongoing support from other entrepreneurs through our Immipreneur Network or Infinity Womenpreneurs.

Who is this Program for?

This program is open to immigrants, naturalized citizens and BIPOC individuals in Surrey and Metro Vancouver of all nationalities and genders. Language support may be available in English, Mandarin, Arabic and Korean.

Register Today!

To learn more and register, call 604-547-1662, email selfemployment@dcrs.ca or fill out our online registration form here.

See our Diverse Entrepreneurs Business Incubator Flyer

This program is an amalgamation of our two previous self-employment programs: Immigrant Entrepreneur Program and CWB Business Incubator for Women Entrepreneurs. It is made possible with funding by Canadian Western Bank (CWB).


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