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Online English Classes

Online English Classes

Not eligible for government-funded LINC classes? DIVERSEcity offers affordable English classes for all

DIVERSEcity now offers affordable Online English Classes with a Conversation Club, open to anyone wishing to advance their English language skills, take part in interactive discussions led by a trained English teacher, and meet other newcomers from across Canada.

Whether you’re a temporary worker, refugee claimant, visitor or citizen, you can learn English in the comfort of your home with our online classes.

Two class levels are available:

  • Beginner (CLB 2–3)
  • Intermediate (CLB 4–5)

This 6-week course includes:

  • Interactive, engaging workshops with other learners of a similar English level
  • FREE Duolingo Assessment upon completion of the 6-week course
  • A 30-minute private tutoring session with your English instructor, providing an opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized support

Cost: $499

Beginner & Intermediate Learners

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For more information, please email training@dcrs.ca.