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Structured Cabling and Security System Technician Program

Structured Cabling and Security System Technician Program

Looking to start your career as a structured cabling and security system technician? Develop your technical skills to enter this high-demand sector.

This six-week Data Cabling & Security System Technician program, delivered in partnership with Ace Community College (ACE), will equip you with the knowledge and technical skills needed as a data cabling technician to install fibre optics internet cabling and alarm systems.

The course is 180 hours of training in total. The course is delivered by our partner Ace Community College (9486 120 Street, Unit 101, Surrey, BC).

Eligibility requirements

• Youth aged 16–30
• Permanent residents, protected persons or Canadian citizens
• Not enrolled in high school or post-secondary studies
• Unemployed or working less than 20 hours per week

For more information, call 604-547-1399 or email mwindey@dcrs.ca.


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