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Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

DIVERSEcity is one of the largest providers of interpretation services in British Columbia facilitating high quality, accurate and professional interpretation via a base of over 300 interpreters.

As the need to communicate with individuals from all corners of the world grows, thousands of businesses and services turn to interpretation every day to overcome the language barriers between themselves and their clients.

For more information about our services please call 604-597-1358 or email interpretation@dcrs.ca.

Why Choose Us:

  1. We provide consecutive, simultaneous, dubbing/voice-over, and phone interpretation. We specialize in providing interpretation services to:
    1. Medical and legal appointments
    2. Court hearings
    3. Variety of Social Services
    4. Conferences and meetings
    5. Interviews and presentations
    6. Community events
  2. We have highly trained and professional interpreters governed by contracted code of ethics, confidentiality and conflict of interest policies
  3. Highly competitive cost rates and pricing options
  4. Coverage in over 88 languages (including rare languages)
  5. Quality driven service

To enquire about translation and interpretation services, please contact DIVERSEcity directly.

Phone: 604-597-1358
Fax: 604-572-4695
Email: interpretation@dcrs.ca

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