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LGBTQ+ Newcomer Services

LGBTQ+ Newcomer Services

Are you an LGBTQ+ newcomer? DIVERSEcity is here for you with one-on-one and group support

LGBTQ+ newcomers face many unique challenges upon arriving to Canada and settling into their new life. The intersecting and overlapping aspects of their identity like sexuality, gender identity, race, legal status, among others, create unique barriers that can affect their life in Canada.

Their pre-arrival expectations about an inclusive life in Canada might often be different from the reality of the multiple forms of oppression and exclusion they experience after they arrive. This is made even more challenging by the loss of key support networks like social, family and cultural ties.

LGBTQ+ newcomers may also face stigma from within their own cultural community or have trouble fitting in with the existing LGBTQ+ communities in Canada due to language or other barriers.

DIVERSEcity is here to support you on your settlement journey with free one-on-one support services or peer group support for LGBTQ+ newcomers.

LGBTQ+ Newcomer One-on-One Support Services

Get free personalized support as an LGBTQ+ newcomer! You’ll get help navigating the complex process of settling into your new community, and learn about available resources and services in the Lower Mainland.

We will support you navigating the process of finding a house, and accessing health services, education and employment programs. We recognize that everyone’s settlement journey is unique and we do not use a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but we have a strong commitment to provide services through promising practices that we have developed by working with the LGBTQ+ newcomers’ community.

This service is available for LGBTQ+ permanent residents and protected persons.

For more information, please contact risereferrals@dcrs.ca or call 604-306-6316.

2SLGBTQI+ Case Management

Our 2SLGBTQI+ Case Specialist is here to ensure that your journey as a 2SLGBTQI+ refugee in your new community is as smooth as possible. We’ll support you in a safe and inclusive space to find housing, employment and education opportunities and foster meaningful connections within the community. You can expect personalized home visits and accompaniments, so you feel at home in your new life.

For more information, please contact risereferrals@dcrs.ca,  or call 604-306-6316



Together Now —  a free peer support group for LGBTQ+ newcomers of any immigration status

DIVERSEcity’s Together Now program offers a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees (regardless of immigration status) to:

  • Meet new people, share experiences and be part of an inclusive community
  • Learn about resources and information for settlement, housing, education and employment programs
  • Learn from peers on how to navigate the refugee claim process
  • Get support with navigating health services, including trans-related health access
  • Share safe space with other racialized community members to discuss aspects of identity like sexuality and gender, race, legal status, and others that create unique barriers
  • Access counselling services, one-on-one or in group settings
  • Participate in community events and field trips

The group meets bi-weekly though a blended approach of online sessions, in-person meetings and field trips.

We always accept new referrals!

For more information contact togethernow@dcrs.ca or call 604-306-6316.

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