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Credentialing Program for Newcomer Women

Coast Capital Credentialing Program for Newcomer Women

Get a grant up to $2,000 to get back into your field

Need to update your foreign credentials and pay for costly exams or licensing fees? Get advice and up to $2,000 in grant money to get your career in Canada on the fast track!

Getting your educational and professional qualifications from your home country recognized in Canada can be a complex and costly process. Sponsored and funded by Coast Capital, this new program for women newcomers will connect you with a career navigator who will guide your employment journey.

You will also access grant money (up to $2,000) to:

  • Get your educational credentials evaluated
  • Register for a skills proficiency exam
  • Pay licensing fees to practise in your field
  • Register for a preparatory or a challenge exam

Program eligibility

  • Women newcomers (less than five years in Canada)
  • Must be 30 years or older
  • Must be residents of BC who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons

For more information about the Coast Capital Credentialing Program for Newcomer Women, please email ashahin@dcrs.ca.


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