5 tips for surviving Canadian winter!

Is this your first Canadian winter? Perhaps even your first snowfall?  It can be a magical – albeit cold – experience. DIVERSEcity has five tips to help you survive winter in Canada.

1. Bundle yourself and your kids up! A warm winter coat, gloves, tuque, warm socks and good boots will keep you warm. Want to play in the snow? Wear waterproof snowsuits.

2. Driving? Drive slowly and safely out there. Clear the snow off your windows and check your tires. It’s best to have winter tires or tires with the “mud & snow” designation.  Despite their name, “all-season” tires don’t have enough grip for snow and you might find it hard to stop or get up hills.

3. Enjoy the snow! Don’t be scared to go out and play in the snow. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight or toboggan down a local hill with your family! Just remember to dress warmly in water-resistant clothes.

4. Clear your sidewalk. Homeowners are usually required to clear the sidewalk outside their homes. Be a good neighbour and help seniors with their snow clearing too.

5. Be prepared. When extreme weather hits, you should be prepared for power outages, school closures and getting “snowed in.” Keep your cell phone charged, and make sure you have supplies at home, like candles, batteries and food!

Are you attending a program or workshop at a DIVERSEcity campus? We try to stay open during snow, but we may have to close during truly inclement weather. We follow the Surrey School District for snow closures. Our website home page ( and social media (Facebook and Twitter) @DIVERSEcityBC pages will announce any snow-related closures.