Barno’s Story: From client to employee at DIVERSEcity

Barno Matyakubova started at DIVERSEcity’s as a client — now she is an employee

Here’s Barno’s story …

Barno Matyakubova, the program assistant for Seniors Services at DIVERSEcity, first came to Canada in 2018 from Uzbekistan. Joined by her husband and child, the small family wanted better life for themselves. “The political system in our country was not stable and the middle class did not have much support in terms of employment. We wanted safety and better education for our kids and felt Canada is the best choice in terms of the land of opportunities.”

A professional accountant in her homeland with five years of corporate experience, Barno didn’t realize how difficult finding work in her field would be as a newcomer. “When I came here, I tried to find a job in my field of expertise, but I got refused because I did not have any Canadian work experience. As an internationally trained accountant, I felt hopeless to find a job in Canada after so many rejections,” she says.

Starting over in Canada

Barno adds that they encountered other barriers in their resettlement, so she started looking for help online, and came across DIVERSEcity’s programs.

“When I met with the case worker and told her my story, she gave me a lot of support. She told me we have services here, we can help to enrol you in some of our courses, and provide you with volunteer opportunities to gain confidence and some Canadian work knowledge,” she says. “I was grateful for the work opportunities and training offered to me, which helped me in my job search and settlement.”

It was Barno’s experience with DIVERSEcity that inspired her decision to restart her career in Canada helping other newcomers like her. She applied for a program assistant position at DIVERSEcity and was hired.

Advice for other newcomers

When asked to share advice for other newcomers to Canada, Barno advises that people should be open to trying things outside of their comfort zone. “We should not be afraid to try something new as it helps us discover new skills within ourselves and build a useful network in the community that can help us to adjust to our new life.”

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