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Jane Shin

Jane Shin

Director at large

Jane Jae Kyung Shin was born in South Korea and immigrated to Canada with her family as a child. She has been actively involved in community service from a young age, volunteering for organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross Society, Green Peace and Amnesty International. Jane studied cell biology and genetics at UBC before earning her medical doctorate abroad, and took on an academic career post-graduation. In 2013, Jane ran successfully for the electoral district of Burnaby-Lougheed in the provincial general election of the 40th Parliament. With her victory, she became the first Korean-Canadian elected to the Legislative Assembly in Canada, holding a number of roles in Opposition, serving as deputy spokesperson for tourism, arts and culture, immigration, intergovernmental relations, trade and multiculturalism, and as spokesperson for small business.

Jane is now Vice President of Students & Community Development at Vancouver Community College and is pursuing her PhD in educational leadership at the University of Toronto.

It comes full circle that Jane and her family were the beneficiaries of the services at DIVERSEcity when they were braving their challenges as new immigrants. At the age of 16, Jane was diagnosed with a rare and serious blood disorder and was treated back to full health at BC Children’s Hospital. Her parents also depended on the generous community and government support while they went back to school to train as health care assistants in their 50s. Jane attributes the success and wellbeing of her family today to Canadian values, policies and services, and is committed to protecting and advancing them at DIVERSEcity for all newcomers to Canada.