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Upkar Singh Tatlay

Upkar Singh Tatlay


Upkar Singh Tatlay is the Chief Technology Officer at Oxus Machine Works Inc., where he oversees the development of health care innovations and experimental development biotech projects related to the overdose crisis, homelessness, food security and mental health. His academic credentials include certifications from the Justice Institute of BC, degrees from the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia, where he established the Scientific Creative Quarterly.

Upkar’s career highlights include: an internship in Washington DC, position as a firefighter, Government of Canada researcher (residential school claims), reservist in the Canadian Navy, ombudsman and pharmaceuticals R&D. He has authored articles on climate change, genetics, GMOs, health care cooperatives and nuclear non-proliferation.

Following his impactful work as Chair of Surrey Libraries, Upkar is also a Treasurer with Bridge For Health, creator of the S.A.L.M.O.N Project, advisor at SHER Vancouver, co-founder of SACH Community Hub, co-founder of Sundar Expo, and the host of the Hypatia Talks podcast. As the Executive Director of Engaged Communities Canada Society, Upkar also leads an organization that delivers projects pertaining to youth engagement, academic mentorship in the STEM fields, food security, hygiene, community outreach and health equity.

Through his role as Chair of the Board of Directors at DIVERSEcity, Upkar hopes to usher in a new understanding and appreciation of the changing landscape of our world as it relates to technology and innovation. He feels this can only be accomplished if everyone who is welcome to our country has a deep sense of belonging and is willing to work to ensure a brighter future for themselves and all Canadians.