PEACE Program Group Session (Online)


PEACE Program Group Session (Online)

DIVERSEcity’s PEACE Program is holding a FREE two-day group session focused on emotions and grounding techniques for youth (aged 8 to 14) who have witnessed or experienced violence in their homes.

Join the group sessions on April 21 & 22, at 4 – 5:30 pm, online via Microsoft Teams. 

  • Day 1 (April 21) topic: Emotions
  • Day 2 (April 22) topic: Grounding Techniques
    Both sessions include group activities, interactive discussions, guided meditation and more!

To register or for more information, contact PEACE Counsellor Linah Kareem by email at or phone 604-306-2314 or DV Counsellor Simrin Deol by email at or by phone at 604-306-1334

To learn more about the PEACE program, visit 

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  • Wed, 21 Apr 2021, 4:00 pm
  • Online
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