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Lenya Wilks

Lenya Wilks

Director, Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement

Lenya Wilks has worked in a community-serving capacity for the past six-plus years, leading high-performing teams, creating a culture of collaboration and innovation, and driving organizational growth and impact.

A Jamaican native who migrated to Canada in 2016 to pursue her undergraduate at Brandon University in Manitoba, studying her passion for music and capping with a minor in business administration. While living and working in Brandon, Manitoba, Lenya was the program manager for a regional project providing a career exploration program for youths. Lenya then became the program manager for Brandon Local Immigration Partnership, supporting the coordination, collaboration, and community engagement to facilitate opportunities for the successful long-term settlement and integration of immigrants and newcomers to Brandon, Manitoba.

In April 2022, Lenya moved to Surrey, BC, and joined DIVERSEcity as the Manager of the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership. Soon after, she was promoted to the Senior Manager of Surrey LIP and Community Enterprise. Over the years, Lenya has held spaces and roles that allowed her to develop strong relationships with community stakeholders, Indigenous communities, immigrant and newcomer communities, rural communities and BIPOC youth.

Throughout her career, Lenya has held various leadership roles, where she has consistently demonstrated a solid ability to lead through change and drive organizational success. She has a reputation for being a skilled communicator and problem solver, with the ability to build solid relationships and partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.

As a director, she is excited to leverage her skills, experience, and passion for partnership and stakeholder engagement to achieve the organization’s vision and make a difference in the lives of those they serve.