People of DIVERSEcity: Amie Johnson

At DIVERSEcity, we often share the incredible stories of the newcomers and diverse community members who we support as they build their life in Canada. Behind the scenes, the people of DIVERSEcity have their own stories to share. DIVERSEcity would not be the community-building, charitable organization it is without the dedication and passion of our amazing employees and volunteers, who have shown us what resilience means during this ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic has not only been difficult, it brought with it ever-changing information and guidelines to follow. Keeping up with everything would have been very confusing had DIVERSEcity not had Amie Johnson, manager, quality assurance, come on board in 2020.  Amie ensures that DIVERSEcity’s staff are informed, safe and connected, and she does it all with a joyful spirit!

Let’s learn a little more about Amie.

What’s your professional and educational background?

I started volunteering with the Surrey Leadership Youth Council at 14. I found a sense of purpose and a mentor. This influenced my career choice for the first 10 years of my working life.

I’m an experienced professional in frontline community programming, event management and business operations. Focusing on communications, with a deep value for engagement and relationship building, has been key to successfully navigating systems change and uncertainty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where did you work before joining DIVERSEcity in 2020?

Prior to DIVERSEcity, I spent 10 years in the public sector at the City of Surrey focusing on youth services, civic engagement and recreation.

What is your hope for the people you help?

Being in operations, I have the honour to support our staff so they can excel and know they have the tools needed to do great work in serving newcomers and underserved communities. It is so rewarding.

Dogs or cats?

I am in love with my senior cat Boots, but I do prefer dogs!

What is your favourite food?

I wish I could eat breakfast for dinner all the time — waffles, pancakes, bacon and eggs, and yogurt parfaits.

What is one thing most people do not know about you?

Walking, biking and transit infrastructure is a topic I am passionate about. I do not drive at all, and that sparked my interest in multi-modal cities that are accessible and vibrant.

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