People of DIVERSEcity: Vandna Joshi

At DIVERSEcity, we often share the incredible stories of the newcomers and diverse community members who we support as they build their life in Canada. Behind the scenes, the people of DIVERSEcity, many of whom are immigrants themselves, have their own lived experiences to share. DIVERSEcity would not be the community-building, charitable organization it is without the dedication and passion of our amazing employees and volunteers, who have shown us what resilience means during this ongoing pandemic.

In our new series “People of DIVERSEcity,” we’ll spotlight some of these inspiring folks, starting with Vandna Joshi, senior manager, employment programs.

Vandna always has a smile and words of encouragement for her employees, colleagues and clients. Knowing firsthand how challenging it can be to restart your career in a new country, she’s always looking for innovative new ideas to help newcomers and underserved communities in their employment journeys in Canada.

Here’s a little more about Vandna!

What’s your country of origin?


Why did you immigrate to Canada?

I hoped for a better and a safer future. I wanted to live somewhere with values like dignity of labour and somewhere with an accountable social and political system.

What’s your educational and/or professional background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in Ayurvedic medicine and master’s in psychology. I was also a trained health professional with my own nursing home in India.

How long have you worked at DIVERSEcity?

It was 14 years in August 2021.

What do you like about DIVERSEcity?

I love that we change lives, one at a time. I love the “diversity” at DIVERSEcity.

Why did you choose to work in a sector that helps newcomers?

Newcomers are the future of this country; if they get to start off right, they contribute to a culturally diverse and economically sustainable society.

What is your hope for the people DIVERSEcity’s employment programs help?

Empowerment by financial independence.

What’s your favourite season?

Autumn. I love the colours of nature and the mild weather.

How about your favourite food?

I am a foodie, I love cooking. I can’t pick just one, but on any day I love to eat yellow dal (lentils) with bhindi (spicy okra vegetables) and paratha (home-cooked shallow-fried tortillas) … yum!

Check back for more “People of DIVERSEcity” stories as they are shared weekly this fall.