Supporting pay transparency legislation and beyond

DIVERSEcity supports pay transparency legislation while going beyond posting wages on job descriptions

As of November 1, 2023, BC’s new pay transparency legislation is now in effect.  The Pay Transparency Act places new requirements on employers to address systemic discrimination in the workplace — specifically, all BC employers will be required to include wages or salaries on all publicly advertised jobs.

Why is this important?

The reality is that too many women in BC still earn less than men – statistics say 17 percent less in 2022, which was the second highest pay gap in Canada. This pay gap disproportionately impacts Indigenous women, women of colour and immigrant women, as well as women with disabilities and non-binary people.

This new legislation aims to help close this gap in BC, and DIVERSEcity has been an early adopter of such practices. Over the last year, DIVERSEcity has implemented transparent compensation practices by including wages on job postings, including the full salary range per position.

But more than just stating wages on job postings, DIVERSEcity has addressed any potential wage gaps by introducing a new, transparent, equitable and competitive compensation model and salary structure, which allows each employee to know how much they are being paid, at what intervals they will get increases and the wage ranges of other roles in the organization.

This type of pay transparency helps ensure that employees are paid fairly and equally regardless of their race or gender. It also builds trust with the organization, allowing employees to see their potential for growth and advancement in terms of salary and opportunities.

“Gender equity is an issue close to my heart as one of too few BIPOC female leaders,” says Neelam Sahota, Chief Executive Officer, DIVERSEcity. “With three-quarters of the employees in the non-profit sector being made up of women, it’s incumbent upon those of us in leadership positions to ensure that representation and compensation is fair, just and equitable. Therefore, we want to take a proactive approach and ensure that we are ahead of the curve in order to gain competitive advantage and attract great talent by leading in our sector.”

DIVERSEcity as an employer of choice in the South Fraser

As one of BC’s largest employers south of the Fraser River, DIVERSEcity wants to be an employer of choice, attracting, developing and retaining the best people by offering competitive and transparent compensation, great benefits, opportunities for growth and a culture of belonging.

Work-life balance is also a top priority at DIVERSEcity, which offers hybrid work options, an annual paid wellness break and flexibility depending upon the nature of the position.

Going over and beyond the requirements put forth by this legislation reflects DIVERSEcity’s commitment to fairness, equity and inclusion in the workplace. This ultimately allows the organization to better serve the community and support the people we serve.