Toward building an inclusive British Columbia: Help fill gaps in BC government services

DIVERSEcity is encouraging the people we serve, our staff, our stakeholders and the community to share their voices!

We all deserve to live in a province where we have equitable opportunities to thrive. But many of the systems and structures our society is built on overlook the unique needs of Indigenous Peoples and racialized people.

As a province known for its diverse communities, it is crucial to ensure that all people have equal access to government services and opportunities. The British Columbia government has taken steps to address racial disparities and promote inclusivity, and you have the opportunity to actively contribute to these efforts.

BC Demographic Survey

Understanding the diverse demographics of a region is a crucial first step in developing policies and initiatives that cater to the specific needs of its population. The BC Demographic Survey, launched by the government, aims to gather comprehensive data on the province’s demographics to ensure that no community is left behind.

This survey covers a wide range of questions related to demographics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, language, disability status and more. The information collected will be anonymized and used to identify potential disparities in access to government services and resources based on different demographic factors.

By participating in the BC Demographic Survey, you contribute to a comprehensive and accurate representation of the province’s population. Your input will help the government make data-driven decisions that consider the unique needs and challenges faced by various communities.

The survey is available online in 15 languages until September 29, 2023, and will take about 15 minutes of your time. Take the survey now and be part of the change: BC Demographic Survey

“At DIVERSEcity, we are encouraging the people we serve, our staff, our stakeholders and the community at large to take part in this survey to help create systemic change that will improve services for all British Columbians,” says Lenya Wilks, Director, Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement, DIVERSEcity.

“We also are behind the development of new anti-racism legislation in BC. Last year, we hosted engagement sessions on the anti-racism legislation and now ask that you share your voice in an online anti-racism questionnaire.

Anti-Racism Legislation Questionnaire

In addition to understanding demographics to improve services, the British Columbia government has recognized the need to strengthen existing anti-racism legislation and policies. To gather public opinions and insights, the government has launched the Anti-racism Legislation Questionnaire. This questionnaire seeks your feedback on various aspects of anti-racism legislation, such as its effectiveness, areas of improvement and additional measures that can be implemented.

Participating in the Anti-racism Legislation Questionnaire empowers you to be an active participant in shaping the policies that will combat racism in British Columbia.

No matter what your experiences or background is — your input matters! The public questionnaire is available until September 30, 2023, in 15 languages and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Take the questionnaire and make your voice heard: Anti-racism Legislation Questionnaire

Participating in the surveys provided by the BC government is a meaningful step toward dismantling racial disparities and promoting anti-racism in government services.  Let’s seize this opportunity to work together toward change and a future where every British Columbian enjoys equal access to government services.


British Columbians can take the BC Demographic Survey and learn more about the Anti Racism Data Act here:

British Columbians can take the questionnaire and learn about proposed Anti-Racism Act here:

British Columbians can learn about what to do if they see or are the victim of a hate crime at: