Community Garden tips: Regrowing vegetables from kitchen scraps

First she shared how to grow sprouts at home, now DIVERSEcity’s Community Gardens coordinator Sasikala Sridar is here to provide us with tips on growing more nutritious food at home — this time from kitchen scraps.

You don’t have to go the nursery to buy vegetable plants or seeds; you can magically regrow vegetables from the leftover kitchen scraps. “It’s a simple fun activity to do with the kids and teach them about making environmentally friendly choices at home,” says Sasikala.

Types of vegetables that can be regrown from the scraps are: onions, celery, romaine lettuce, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, leeks, fennel, basil, mint, lemongrass, cilantro, potato, garlic, ginger, among others.

Steps to regrow vegetables 

Green onions are the easiest to regrow. Cut the spring onions to about two inches from the roots and place them root ends down in a glass of warm water. You will be able to see roots and leaves sprouting in about three to five days.

Then, transplant them into the soil either in a pot or in the garden and see them magically grow.

Celery is also an easy vegetable to regrow from scraps. The process is the same as above. Put them in a bowl of water and transplant the stump after you see the roots and the green shoots are growing.

Romaine lettuce is similar.  Place the bottom of the cut heart into a bowl of warm water and place in a sunny location. Change the water daily. Once leaves sprout, plant the hearts in the garden.

Want to learn more about growing food from scraps. Click on the link below to find more about growing from kitchen scraps:

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