People of DIVERSEcity: Upkar Singh Tatlay

Board of Directors edition

At DIVERSEcity, we often share the incredible stories of the newcomers and diverse community members who we support as they build their life in Canada. Behind the scenes, the people of DIVERSEcity, many of whom are immigrants themselves, have their own lived experiences to share. DIVERSEcity would not be the community-building, charitable organization it is without the dedication and passion of our amazing employees and volunteers, who have shown us what resilience means during this ongoing pandemic.

This week’s “People of DIVERSEcity” presents the series’ first Board of Directors’ member. Who better to start off this special edition than the President of the Board, Upkar Singh Tatlay. In addition to his work with DIVERSEcity, Upkar is the Director of Scientific Research & Innovative Development of Oxus Machine Works Inc., where he oversees the development of health care innovations and experimental development R&D projects related to the overdose crisis, homelessness, food security, environmental degradation and clean tech. Full bio here.

Let’s learn more about Upkar!

Why did you choose to work in a sector that helps newcomers and underserved communities?

I want to continue building on the contributions of my predecessors while ushering in a new understanding and appreciation of the changing landscape of our world as it relates to technology and innovation. I believe this can only be accomplished if everyone who is welcome to our country has a deep sense of belonging and is willing to work to ensure a brighter future for themselves and all Canadians.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about DIVERSEcity?              

The absolutely amazing team of diverse individuals who work hard every day to bring vital services to community!

Coffee or tea?

Plain drip coffee, always black, and preferably from a gas station. You know, the really fresh stuff.

What’s your favourite season and why?

Winsprinsumfall … that’s a season, isn’t it?

What’s your favourite food?

That would have to be sadha (simple) phulka and dhal.

What are you reading right now?            

I am reading Machinehood by S.B. Divya.

Anything else you’d like to add?

DIVERSEcity is full of stories, experiences and compassion that will be familiar to so many and it’s that dynamic perspective that is helping so many lives every day!

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