Practice Care with Children Program graduates share their stories

It’s an amazing thing to see people going through difficult times to blossom and take action to improve their lives.

That’s what we saw with the inspiring women who recently graduated from our Practice Care with Children Program for immigrant or racialized survivors of domestic violence looking to build a career working with young children in their home or a childcare setting.

In this self-paced program, participants completed training plans and started participating in language learning with LINC instructors and simultaneously participated in childminding activities with ECE instructors. They also had access to mental health and counselling supports and life skills workshops to identify abuse, manage stress and develop coping strategies to overcome life’s challenges.

“Our participants developed transferable early childhood education (ECE) skills in a simulated work environment for self-employment or employment connections. They also got exposure to opportunities available in the community to further their education and training in the ECE field,” says Mike Lally, Manager, Employment Training, DIVERSEcity.

Participants exit the program completing 40 hours of hands-on simulated lab time to experience child minding, 20 hours of Responsible Adult certification, First Aid Training, Food Safe Certification, while increasing their CLB level.

Although the program is coming to a close this spring, DIVERSEcity’s Employment Programs wanted to highlight the stories of some of our inspiring participants.

Stories of skills and confidence

Take the example of Madiha, originally from Pakistan. She had a master’s in statistics in her homeland, but it was difficult for her to find work after immigrating. Taking the Practice Care program was a great first step in her goals of becoming a teacher in Canada.

“The best part of the course is that besides teaching material, and helping me make a cover letter and resumé professionally, they give you confidence and opportunities,” Madiha says. “I advise others to involve oneself in some kind of professional course like this, as it opens the new roads.”

Samina, from Pakistan originally, heard about the Practice Care course on social media and decided to sign up. “The course was online and free of cost. It was most suitable with my family circumstances,” Samina says. “DIVERSEcity helped me overcome all these barriers by providing language training, lab work to get work experience and the certificate.”

Samina is now looking for a job in a daycare where she can take her kids as well.

“My experience with DIVERSEcity is great. I have gained lots of confidence, improved my language ability and learned a lot through my instructors. The employment team is working hard to help us prepare to enter the Canadian workforce. I am very grateful for their services.”

Breikhna, also from Pakistan, also found confidence in the program. “It was after 10 years that I went back to learning so it was hard to start. At first, I didn’t have the confidence that I would be able to do it but then with DIVERSEcity mentors like Bushra and Rami around, I eased up and started enjoying and learning. This course has given me the confidence that I still have the potential to learn and blossom,” she says. “Classes with Rami were remarkable. She is wonderful at explaining and clarifying different topics in such a way that it becomes very easy to understand. Also, we had experts come to class to educate us about additional resources and to teach us essential skills required in the work field. It was particularly helpful.”

Taranjeet, originally of Tanzania, agrees the course has taught her valuable skills while boosting her confidence. “I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart to Rami and Bushra, I thank you for everything. You are the best. The best teacher teaches from the heart, not from the book. I value the help you’ve given me. I’m truly grateful. Thanks, DIVERSEcity and Canada.”