Food Security, Community Kitchen Program

Food Security, Community Kitchen Program

The Food Security Program provides opportunities for immigrant, refugee and low income families to increase their food security through multicultural cooking groups and community garden activities. DIVERSEcity’s Food Security Program is comprised of the Community Kitchen Program, the Hazelnut Meadows and the Lionel Courchene Growing Roots Community Gardens Program. The FSKG program offers specialized learning opportunities and activities for parents with children aged 0 to 6 years, children aged 6 to 12 years, youth and seniors.

The Community Kitchen Program

The Community Kitchen Program delivers programming at sites throughout Surrey and North Delta in collaboration with community partners, schools, faith groups and the City of Surrey. Participants in the program are provided with workshops on Canadian foods, Canadian kitchens, nutrition, meal planning, safe food handling, canning and preservation, budgeting and creating recipes. In addition, participants are provided with tours of stores and given information about community food supports for those on a low income.

The Community Kitchen Program also provides opportunities for participants to decrease isolation, practice English speaking skills, share food, build community, and increase avenues for integration and self-reliance. The Community Kitchen Program has expanded delivery to offer specific workshops and learning events for children, youth and seniors in order to meet their unique needs.

Please find the community kitchen’s 2016 calendar.

For more information please contact Community Kitchen Program Coordinator Helen Shin at 604-547-1325 or via mail at

The Food Security Program receives funding from the United Way of the Lower Mainland and the Province of British Columbia through BC Gaming Grants.