India2Canada Program

India2Canada Program

India2Canada is a free service designed for immigrants who are currently residing in India but are planning to move to Canada in one year or less. To be eligible for the program, one must have already obtained permanent resident status issued by the Canadian government. The program provides distance pre-departure guidance to ease the transition of new Canadians to their new community in Canada.

Participants of the program will receive information and support for the following areas:

  • Understanding Canadian culture, norms and daily life
  • Exploring housing options
  • Completing important documents before landing
  • Exploring work options and start learning Canadian job search norms
  • Identifying educational opportunities for immigrant adults and their children
  • Budgeting and financial wellness
  • Accessing health care support

In addition, one unique feature of this program is mentorship for immigrant adults and immigrant youths.

The program is offered in partnership with Abbotsford Community Services, MOSAIC and DIVERSEcity.

Mentorship for Adults and Youth

This program connects newcomers to a long-time resident youth or adult engaged in a similar occupation and living in the Greater Vancouver Area, the Province of British Columbia. The online mentorship is designed to create a meaningful connection for the newcomer participants. Through the mentorship connections, newcomers can gain valuable knowledge to set realistic expectations, identify tools and resources, and ultimately to facilitate the smooth integration into Canadian society.

Want to join as a mentorship program participant?
If you are looking for information about living and or working in Canada, would like to be proactive in building your personal and professional network before you leave India, join the program!

Want to join as a Mentor for youth or adults?
If you enjoy inspiring and motivating others to be better prepared for the challenge they have set themselves to; if you are interested in cross-cultural communication and understanding; and if you are passionate about what you do…. join the program!

Must be a long-time resident in the Lower Mainland (Permanent Residents, Canadian Citizens, student or work visa); for the Youth mentorship, mentors should be between 16 and 25 years old.

Gurinder Badwal, Employment and Integration Counsellor
Phone: 604-547-1216