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Roots of Safety Service Planning

Roots of Safety Service Planning

A culturally safe, women-centered approach to counselling services

Roots of Safety is a service planning approach that DIVERSEcity Counselling Services developed and adapted from its parent model Signs of Safety™. It uses a women-centered approach to provide culturally safe and respectful safety planning to support the unique needs of newcomer women and their families.

All of DIVERSEcity’s gender-based violence programs, such as Stopping the Violence Counselling, use the Roots of Safety approach in service planning. It’s a collaborative process between counsellors and the client, empowering the client to act and make decisions independently, while supporting the long-term healing process.

Roots of Safety Training for Partners Working with Newcomer Women

Interested in empowering your organization’s counsellors and case workers with this culturally safe approach. DIVERSEcity offers Roots of Safety training on service planning to interested partners who work with newcomer women. The framework is grounded in intersectionality and anti-oppressive practice.

For more information, please call 604-547-1202 or email intake@dcrs.ca.