Vancity Microloans Program

Vancity Microloans Program

The Microloans Program supports Canadian newcomers who may not qualify for loans through the traditional banking network. In partnership with Vancity, immigrants or refugees who may not have a credit history in Canada can apply with different approval criteria.

Our goal is to breakdown the financial barrier & access to funds to support the dreams and aspirations of new Canadians.

Here are some details regarding the 3 different types of loans available:

Be My Own Boss Loan
Designed for those who wish to start their own business. In order to qualify, participants much develop a business plan with a budget and cash flow projection. The maximum loan amount is $35,000.

With These Hands Loan
Assist individuals to buys tools or equipment to enter a trade, or start a self-employed business, for example, carpenters or massage therapists. The loans range from $500 to $7,500.

Back to Work Loan
Support those who had a career in their home country but for lack of Canadian certification, they are unable to find employment in the same field. The loans range from $500 to $7,500.

Program funded by:

Microloans Program in partnership between DIVERSEcity and Vancity

If you are in need of small business advice, a small loan or would like assistance, come chat with us.

Please find the Microloans Flyer

For more information, please contact:
Sanzida Habib
Tel: 604-547-1662

Florence Kao
Tel: 604-547-1662

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